WSET Diploma Coaching – Wines of the World (new)

A support program designed to help you pass the WSET Level 4 Diploma exams successfully.

Give yourself the best chances to prepare, pass the exams and obtain your WSET Diploma. This program focuses on the D3 Unit : Wines of the World.

(Possibility to pay in 3 or 4 times)

The WSET Diploma Coaching starts on november : You will receive your book in november.



Discover the WSET Diploma Coaching Program – D3 : A preparation program designed to help you confidently sit the WSET Diploma exams, from home and in a completely flexible setting.

This WSET Diploma Coaching Program is focused on the D3 Unit : Wines of the World.


If you are also :

  • Afraid to fail the WSET Diploma exams and to spend years unsuccessfully working towards your goal,
  • Worried about the hours upon hours of study and the thousands invested in the tuition fees,
  • Struggling with developing sufficient discipline for learning, especially over a long period of time,


Then the following is for you.

With this unique program, you will focus on the essential points to master in order to successfully pass the exams, with a certified trainer at your side for the duration of the program.


The WSET Diploma Coaching program is not for everyone and spaces are limited.

It is geared towards motivated students who want to transition to the wine industry (or who are already on board), and who want to give themselves the best chances to successfully obtain the WSET Diploma without spending too much time…


How does the WSET Diploma Coaching work?

  • Choose among the following three basic options :

1) – Book only,

2) – Book + 1 Live webinar,

3) – Book + 3 Live webinars.

– For all options you will receive our book called “WSET Diploma Coaching”. This consists of 106 sample theory exam questions covering every part of the D3 Unit with tailored guidance to help you write the best answers for each question.
• You will then practice at home by answering the exam questions in writing.
• For options 2 and 3 you will then meet your instructor during one or three one-on-one live webinars. The instructor will review three answers with you, and give you customised feedback for the questions, as well as highlighting areas of improvement. The instructor will guide your learning and help you focus your efforts on what is important in order to pass your exams.


If you choose the option Live Coaching Tasting Session :

  • Also, you can purchase the option of live tasting webinars :These are on-on-one live webinars focussed on the tasting for the Diploma.If you choose the option Live tasting webinar :
    • You will receive a wine tasting kit at home, including three wine samples containing 2cl of wine each.
    • You will meet once with your instructor for a 45 minute live webinar where you will taste the samples and discuss them together – all the while improving both your theory knowledge and your tasting skills.


The WSET Diploma Coaching provides you with an integrated work method:

  • Dedicated study time geared towards mastering the theory while staying motivated, as well as :
  • regularly tasting fine wines (if you choose the option Live Coaching Tasting Session) following the WSET Diploma


Give yourself the best chance to prepare, pass the exams and obtain your WSET Diploma !


The team


Your Educator : Nils Bihari-Andersson

Nils Bihari-Andersson is a wine consultant and the lead WSET Certified Educator at Coam. He teaches both the Level 2 and 3 courses as well as the Diploma Coaching programme. He has extensive experience teaching and lecturing at WSET courses as well as for the hospitality industry and the wine trade. He holds the WSET Diploma, is a WSET Certified Educator, a Certified Sherry Educator and also has a Wine MBA from INSEEC Bordeaux. He is a judge at the International Wine Challenge and the Mundus Vini, and was a national finalist in the 2011 « UK’s Best Young Sommelier » competition. Nils has been in the wine trade since 2008 and will happily share his knowledge to help you further yours.


Your academic coordinator : Yann Rousselin

Yann Rousselin has a 15 year track record of innovation in the world of wine education. He is the founder of Le COAM (Cours d’Oenologie And More – a school for wine classes and wine tasting) as well as the author of French wine blog, ”Le Vin Pas à Pas” and of the namesake podcast (#1 podcast in France on wine education). He created the ”Masterclass de la Dégustation” (Wine Tasting Masterclass, France´s first remote wine training kits), and is an initiator of French language distance learning programs at the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust).


Le COAM est un organisme de formation enregistré, leader sur la formation œnologique à distance, n°1 sur la pédagogie.

Des certifications reconnues

Qualiopi qui vise à attester de la qualité du processus mis en œuvre par les prestataires d’actions concourant au développement des compétences.


Une pédagogie innovante depuis 16 ans

Le COAM, c’est plus de 60.000 clients satisfaits depuis 16 ans, dans 12 pays différents.

Depuis 16 ans, nous faisons évoluer le monde la formation œnologique :

  • Leader sur la formation œnologique à distance
  • Créateur du seul programme francophone à distance du WSET, agrée par le prestigieux Wine and Spirit Education Trust
  • Fondateur du 1er blog et podcast pédagogique sur le vin, “Le Vin Pas à Pas”, avec plus de 30.000 abonnés
  • Créateur de la 1ère box d’apprentissage du vin, les Masterclass de la Dégustation

Vous aimez le vin, et souhaitez vous former ? Que vous soyez professionnel, amateur passionné, ou dans une optique de reconversion professionnelle…

Vous êtes entre de bonnes mains.

Pourquoi cette formation

Approximately 1 month
La formation idéale pour...

Give yourself the best chances to prepare, pass the exams and obtain your WSET Diploma.

Ce qu'ils en disent

Anaïs R.

Cours à St Michel
“J’ai apprécié la clarté, l’interactivité!”

Martial L.

WSET 3, Masterclass de la Dégustation
Les cours et les box de Yann sont justes fantastiques.

Vincent V.

“Extrêmement bien fait, très complet”

Fred S.

“Très didactique”